Higher Consciousness and The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge

Dolores Cannon wrote in her latest book, The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge, “This is new, old knowledge. It has been here for millennia, but was reserved for […]

Dolores Cannon and the New Earth

Since Dolores Cannon’s book The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth was published in 2011, many people have come forward to share their experiences about being […]

Dolores Cannon: Gratitude and Thanks

Since my mother and mentor Dolores Cannon transitioned from this world to the next, so many of you have sent messages of gratitude and thanks for continuing to […]

Extraterrestrials: The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge

the-search-for-hidden-sacred-knowledgeIn her fascinating book The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge, […]

The Story Behind The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge

Shortly after Mom finished this book, she passed from this world and into the next.

These past few years not only was she diligently working on this book, and […]

Dolores Cannon: A Brilliant Light Shines On

Veteran investigator and researcher of lost civilizations, sacred knowledge, extraterrestrials, other dimensions, the life of Jesus, as well as the origins of creation itself; all this and more […]

Past Life Regression Perfected

For those of you interested in learning about Past Life Regression and my Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique by taking my hypnotherapy classes online or in person, or if […]

Emotions: The Language of Your Body

First of all, I want to tell you it’s all right to feel any emotion. How else are you going to know what you’re trying to tell yourself […]