Dolores Cannon wrote in her latest book, The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge, “This is new, old knowledge. It has been here for millennia, but was reserved for the select few who devoted their lives to understanding and teaching it.” Dolores knew lost and hidden knowledge would finally be revealed to us when we acknowledged and experienced our higher consciousness and were ready and able to receive it.

higher consciousness, the-search-for-hidden-sacred-knowledge book cover largeMany people on the planet are discovering their higher consciousness at this time, through all different kinds of spiritual disciplines, including meditation and QHHT. As the Earth’s frequency and vibration increases, so do our own frequencies and vibrations, and we are able to discover and see things previously hidden from us.

Dolores described the old energy and paradigm we are now evolving out of: “Because knowledge was power, usually people in authority felt threatened by anyone or anything they couldn’t understand, so they tried to get it by any means they could. Many were tortured and killed for this knowledge. Many of those souls are back now to help mankind and the planet in the movement forward. Their mission is to ensure mistakes from before are not made again.”

The difference between then and now is more and more people are evolving at a quicker pace and discovering their higher consciousness in their everyday lives. Dolores said, “Much of the skills, abilities and knowledge are returning to those who are open to them to be used in a manner to assist one and all. That is why there are so many people drawn to be ‘lightworkers’ or are in the healing professions.”

Atlantis MapSo many of us are experiencing higher consciousness and higher dimensions, we are making discoveries about past civilizations such as Atlantis and acknowledging how Extraterrestrials have played a role in the development of our civilizations for millennia. Dolores has written about these subjects for decades and they are finally coming to light to the masses. That is why the timing of her new book, The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge, couldn’t be better. There are no coincidences!

Dolores wrote about the importance of the information revealed in her new book: “These sessions are just a few examples of how we are coming back to remind ourselves who we are and what we can and should do. It is no longer knowledge for a select few, but for all of us. As we all awaken and raise our frequencies, we are helping each other and our Earth to accomplish her mission.”

The key to discovering hidden knowledge is by attaining higher consciousness using whatever spiritual path resonates with each of us. You will know it when you find it.


Julia Cannon
Ozark Mountain Publishing
author of Soul Speak: The Language of Your Body