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Julia Cannon


Julia Cannon
QHHT Practitioner and author of
“Soul Speak: The Language of Your Body”


Convoluted Universe Book 5 cover

5.0 out of 5 stars

I love very much this book along with the work of …

By Marius Popa on November 18, 2015

“I love very much this book along with the work of the author. I will recommend it to anyone who is interested in metaphysics, universal knowledge and life essentials. God bless your soul Dolores.”

5.0 out of 5 stars

More mind twisting concepts that go deeper or are new ones that are introduced.

By Dan on November 16, 2015

“Great book in the series. I’ve read through the other 4 and this one doesn’t disappoint. It’s either going to expand your mind and thinking or give you a headache and make you angry.”

5.0 out of 5 stars

I must say I love and appreciate Dolores’ work and dedication over the years …

By KMC on November 12, 2015

“I must say I love and appreciate Dolores’ work and dedication over the years to provide information of a broader scope. The book continues to explore new areas of consciousness. And if you have followed her over the years, you’ll want to have her last book in the series ‘Convoluted Universe.’ R.I.P. Dolores.”

5.0 out of 5 stars

Dolores Cannon will Expand your Life

By Steve Meussling on November 12, 2015

“Have read all her books several times. So grateful they were able to publish this book after her passing.”

5.0 out of 5 stars

The Soulless Walk Among Us

By Insider on October 30, 2015

“Just read Book V and it is of the same quality as her others in the set. This time she devotes a bit more coverage to the Backdrop People in a separate chapter — Book IV also dealt with the issue, and she repeats some of that info in Book V.”

5.0 out of 5 stars

I love all of her books

By R. DeLisle on October 26, 2015

“Of course, I love all of her books!”

5.0 out of 5 stars

Five Stars

By Ron Head on October 23, 2015

“I have loved all of Dolores Cannon’s books, and this one is no exception.”

5.0 out of 5 stars


By Robin Landry TOP 500 REVIEWER on October 16, 2015

“Another mind-bindingly good book from Dolores Cannon, who sadly, left us last year. On a positive note, she did leave enough work for a few more books and this is one of them. The Convoluted Series is sort of a rag-tag collection of regressions that don’t fit into a ‘themed’ book like Nostradamus, or the Jesus books, so Dolores put them all together in their own series. Here is number 5 and it takes your mind on a journey that is truly original, exciting and just plain weird at times. Here’s a little bit of what’s in the fifth book of the series, and honestly, some movie producer should check these books out for ideas that are out of this world. We have ‘back drop’ people (I’ve heard these beings called Organic Portals in another book), which are people that you interact with throughout your life who are there as ‘extras’ in your personal stage play of life. “D: So the others don’t really have purposes? S: Right. They come to live, breathe, work and die. D: Is there are any hope that they might find a path, or are they a different kind of soul? S: They didn’t choose. They’re just here to be part of the backdrop. They’re slaves. They’re slaves that go from one star system to the next and they are used as backdrop. . . S: Not all beings are the light source. They’re just here as energy to help us with our lessons, to create chaos or to work or just to live. Certain beings go to learn the lessons from the light Source. It’s like you’re a higher being.” Page 257-8 I have to admit, it does seem like some people are just going through life with no purpose and are perfectly content to do so. The client also said that certain animals are from the light source and I’d agree that my horse is. Here are some of the section headers Finishing Karma, New Perceptions of Energy, Other World Lives, and We The Creators to explore. There’s a chapter called The Mother Board, which talks about fixing the energy pathways of humans and how our motherboard is our heart. Our Hearts are connected to Source (God/Goddess) through quantum realities, which mean that the heart is outside of time. I like this idea because it means that we can love someone whether they are here in our reality of time and space, or if they’ve passed on. Our love knows no time and feels the same about our loved ones no matter what. And if we go into our hearts, we can’t know pain (which is remembering the good times). Dolores Cannon’s books are feel-good on a quantum level for me. Her hope for a brighter future for humanity shines through her words and her volume of books. She was truly doing God’s work while she was on Earth.”

5.0 out of 5 stars

Beyond your conscious imagination!

By Amron on October 14, 2015

“Convoluted Universe V contains snippets from Dolores Cannon’s deep hypnosis past-life regression sessions using her Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique that sends your mind into universes never dreamed of and outside the parameters of conscious reality. The word “Wow” will come to your mind as you turn each page and contemplate each chapter. Who would have expected that the sun, other galaxies, the oceans, could have supported our “souls” to continue their journey in different shapes, figures, energies. These cases also don’t fit our normal perception of what reincarnation and past lives and linear reality are all about as we are also presented with concepts such as parallel lives and alternative realities, etc. Whatever it is, prepare your mind to be stretched into possibilities and scenarios never before considered or imagined…and ponder many thoughts that make you consider that what you’re going through now that seems difficult is really all part of a grand scenario of many lifetimes, none more important than any other, in your soul’s journey. Perhaps the journey you experience reading this book can provide the ability to reflect and release the fears and traumas you carry around in your current conscious journey and give yourself permission to heal. As the author penned (p. 309), “‘They'” have always told me to tell the client that 90% of what happens here today is up to YOU” unless your condition is part of your karmic agreement and lessons to be learned. Whatever you experience in reading/rereading this book, may it assist you to move forward in your current conscious reality in a happy and healthy way.”

— Dr. Norma Lent Auerbach