Dolores Cannon was always working on many books at once. In addition to the newly released Convoluted Universe: Book Five, there are a few more of her books in various stages of completion that will be out over the next few years. The subjects explore different points of history as well as timelines. There is still an array of Convoluted Universe information from past sessions that has yet to be included in any books, so I am scouring her material for more possibilities for her hungry fans.

Dolores 4Through all of this work, my mother, Dolores, drew the greatest love and pleasure from helping people. She loved to see them heal. Mom was like a proud parent and giddy, little child rolled into one when she returned to the office after a session. She’d be so excited, beaming and totally glowing. This is where her energy came from. It would overflow from the client when the SC (Subconscious) would do the healing with the white light. She would say how beautiful it was to feel the love emanating in waves from the clients during the sessions. It’s always about the clients figuring out their own situations and “connecting their dots” to heal.

This is why mom was guided to start teaching her method of healing. It was so effective people were coming from all over the world to see her in this small office in a very remote town in Arkansas. Mom was so reluctant at first because she didn’t know if she would be able to teach something that had been developed on her own. We quickly found that this process is very easy to learn and is very forgiving. At first mom called it advanced past life regression because it was more than regular past life regression. Then students in some of the classes started telling us that we needed to change the name to represent what was actually happening and being taught – healing by leaps and bounds in a very profound way using hypnosis.

cu5-coverMom and I sat down the following weekend and started exploring possible words to describe her hypnosis technique. We finally came upon the words that we felt fit perfectly – Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). The beauty of this technique is that anyone can do it without prior hypnosis experience. We have found the only requirement is to have an open heart and the desire to help people.

When my mother finished Convoluted Universe: Book Three, mom said to the SC during a session, “I think you’ve given me all the information there could possibly be. I think I know it all now. Reincarnation, dimensions, portals…” There was no way there could be any more. Her mind couldn’t fathom anything larger than what she had seen to that point. And ‘They’ said, “Oh, no, there is more. There’s a lot more!”

They allowed her mind to rest and digest the material and then began giving her more concepts and a couple years later she had enough information for Convoluted Universe: Book Four.

We’ve had many people sending us messages indicating that mom has come to them in dreams and sessions and other various ways that shows us that she is very busy in her life on the other side.

This confirms for me the message I received as she passed, “I can do so much more on the other side than I can from this side now.”

Dolores, now on the other side, can see “the more!”

We hear you, mom – the reporter, the researcher, the investigator of lost knowledge…

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— Julia Cannon
Ozark Mountain Publishing
author of Soul Speak: The Language of Your Body