Time travel to experience any point in history has been possible for decades. Dolores Cannon’s incredible journeys through time did not require a time machine, only an expert in hypnosis who witnessed history being made as it happened. That expert was Dolores Cannon and her method of hypnosis now known as Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is being taught online all over the world.

Conversations with Nostradamus 1One of Dolores Cannon’s most fascinating journeys involved the great psychic Michele de Nostradame, more commonly known as Nostradamus, who Dolores contacted by chance while regressing one of her subjects into a past life in France. When Nostradamus suddenly began to speak through her subject, they had no idea they had embarked on a journey made possible only through time travel.

Dolores’s subject, who she identified as Elena in her books Conversations with Nostradamus Volumes One, Two and Three, was the key to contacting Nostradamus. In a previous life in France in the 1500’s, she had been a man studying in secret with Nostradamus. Nostradamus imparted metaphysical insights to his students, which had to be hidden from the church for fear of condemnation, even for Nostradamus himself. Dolores and Elena didn’t set out to prove time travel was possible, but they soon discovered not only is it possible, but were given a very difficult assignment.

Conversations with Nostradamus 2They had no way of knowing that Nostradamus had been seeking a way to communicate with people in his future to warn them of the dire predictions embedded in his nearly 1000 quatrains about our time on Earth. Time travel, made possible only through reincarnation and Dolores Cannon’s past life regression hypnosis technique, bridged the gap between centuries and lives.

Dolores and Elena’s assignment, which later had to be passed on to other subjects after Elena suddenly moved away, was one of the most daunting imaginable: read each quatrain to Nostradamus during time travel so he could deliver back the correct interpretation for each one. The incredible details are detailed in Dolores’s three-volume set about Nostradamus, the first of her 19 books to be published.

Conversations with Nostradamus 3Over the course of several years, Dolores and her subjects visited Nostradamus many times,and at many times during his life; when he was young and in good health, when he was under threat from the Inquisition, and when he was old and frail. With time travel, not only did they communicate with Nostradamus to interpret his prophecies, they also witnessed him in his vision state when he wrote them, begging the question: did Dolores participate in the creation of the quatrains?

This and many other fascinating questions become a possibility only by making time travel a reality through hypnosis and past life regression. We can still join Dolores Cannon on her amazing journeys by reading her books and practicing QHHT.


Julia Cannon


— Julia Cannon
author of Soul Speak: The Language of Your Body