Since the beginning of Dolores Cannon’s career as an author and researcher of metaphysics and lost knowledge, her life’s work which is featured in her latest book, The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge, Dolores obtained the Dolores Cannon poses for her new bookinformation she sought using a special technique of hypnosis she developed for past life regression now known as QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique).

Reincarnation has been an accepted fact in the East for millennia, but wasn’t widely studied in the West until pioneers in this unusual field of research such as Dolores Cannon began to use past life regression to take their subjects back in time to relive lives they had in the past.

Dolores Cannon discovered the amazing insights of past life regression seemingly by chance in 1968 when she and her husband Johnny Cannon, a career Naval Officer, used hypnosis to help a Navy wife with her health problems. Help her they did, but they were shocked when their subject went back in time to relive five other lives. This incredible story was detailed in her very first book, Five Lives Remembered.the-search-for-hidden-sacred-knowledge book cover large

Since that time, Dolores honed her technique of hypnosis and conducted thousands of sessions using past life regression to travel with her subjects to every conceivable time and place on Earth, and even other planets and dimensions.The results were 19 books to date on subjects ranging from life after death, extraterrestrials, Quantum Physics, multi universes and dimensions, and beyond.

In one of her first books, Between Death and Life, Dolores wrote: “I have been accused of speaking to and communicating with the spirits of the dead, a definite ‘no-no’ in religious circles. I have never thought of it that way but I suppose it is true. With the exception of the dead with whom I speak are no longer dead but living again today and going about their daily lives. For, you see, I am a regressionist. This is a popular term for a hypnotist that specializes in past life regressions and historical research.”

Dolores also wrote about how practicing past life regression captured her imagination: “Being a history enthusiast I enjoyed going back through time and talking to people in different eras. I enjoyed reliving history as it was being made, and as it was seen through their eyes as they remembered their other lives. But then something unexpected occurred that opened up a whole new world for me to explore. I discovered the period between lives, the so-called “dead” state, the place where people went after they left a physical life here in Earth.”

By perfecting past life regression, Dolores Cannon embarked on an endlessly fascinating journey to discover the secrets of the universe and life itself.

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