the-search-for-hidden-sacred-knowledgeIn her fascinating book The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge, Dolores Cannon explained why Extraterrestrials no longer live among us or openly visit mankind: “In my sessions, I have always asked why wouldn’t the ETs come back and tell the people they were not using knowledge correctly. But we must remember the laws that were set down at the beginning of the development of life on this planet.”

“Let us give this beautiful planet a creature with intelligence and free will. And see what he does with it,” the ETs revealed to Dolores during one of her many QHHT sessions. During these sessions, the ETs also revealed that we live on the only planet in the universe that has free will. That is why ‘They’ call us the Grand Experiment.”

Julia CannonDolores was told, “Once a civilization has been established, you cannot interfere with the development of that civilization.” In The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge, Dolores further explains that once information and gifts are given to the people, the ETs watch and see how it will be used. People have free will to do what they want with it, and many times they didn’t use it for the purpose intended. But it would be interference for them to return to explain it.

This knowledge was preserved by the few through the ages, but is now available to anyone with an open mind as we continue to evolve and grow. Dolores completed The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge after conducting thousands of QHHT sessions over several decades as a gift to share with us now that we’re ready.

It is my and Dolores’s sincere hope that we all let our higher selves guide us to incorporate this invaluable information into our lives as we continue our journeys. We are the keepers of sacred knowledge now. It is up to us to use it wisely.

Julia Cannon

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