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Choosing the right QHHT Practitioner for you


Dolores Cannon traveled the world teaching thousands of people her Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique for healing and past life regression. It is important to understand there are various levels of training and continuing education made available to QHHT Practitioners. The following designations denote the training the practitioner has undergone. It in no way depicts a hierarchy. You should review the listings and see who resonates with you. Dolores Cannon and Ozark Mountain Publishing reserve the exclusive right to maintain practitioner listings as appropriate and at their sole discretion.

QHHT Practitioners should not offer sessions by Skype or phone.

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The Level 1 Practitioner

The Level 1 Practitioner has taken either the live 6 day class or online equivalent which equips them with all the necessary know-how and resources to perform Dolores' Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique in its entirety.

The Level 3 Practitioner

The Level 3 practitioner has taken the live 3 day course that is supplemental to the Level 1 and Level 2 courses in which each practitioners' actual session skills are reviewed, assessed, and
fine-tuned so that they are facilitating the technique just as Dolores did.

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The Level 2 Practitioner

The Level 2 Practitioner has taken the live 4 day advanced class in
which Dolores shares supplemental information to the Level 1 course
including: techniques and advice from her "bag of tricks", in depth
interaction on specific areas that can sometimes be challenging, and
more case studies by Dolores and other practitioners.   

QHHT Forum Members

QHHT Official Forum Members belong to a global, private community that promotes on-going support of its members by sharing confidential session stories, asking and answering questions of other members, sharing and promoting business ideas and community outreach.

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For more information about what is learned in each class, please visit the Course Information page.

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