Dolores Cannon

Jesus and The Essenes

Jesus and The Essenes

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In Jesus And The Essenes, Dolores describes the account of a young lady named Katie who is regressed back to a life as a man named Suddi, who lived as an Essence at the time of Jesus. Suddi was born several years before Jesus and the book chronicles both scenes and events throughout many different periods of his life, ranging from the age of 12 to his death when he was over 60.

The messages relayed to and presented by Dolores in this book put forth a different perspective of Jesus and his work and gives comprehensive insight into the lives of the Essenes, an extremely important group who have been purposely left out of the bible. It was with the Essenes that both Jesus and John the Baptist completed their early education, some of which is described in the book, with their main function being to protect knowledge and keep it alive. The Essenes strictly adhered to the Laws of Torah and their community housed a library comprising a vast collection of scrolls in numerous languages and a detailed model of the solar system. Through the experiences described by Suddi, we are provided with new information about Moses, Daniel, David, Ezekiel, Adam and Eve, Ruth and Joseph of the "coat of many colors."

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