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Conversation with Nostradamus Volume Three

Conversation with Nostradamus Volume Three

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In Volume 3 of "Conversations With Nostradamus," Dolores writes about an additional 132 quatrains, complimenting the 136 and 143 quatrains discussed in volumes 1 and 2 respectively and thus completing the series. In Volume 3, Dolores opted to use multiple subjects through which to contact Nostradamus.

An area discussed heavily is the nature of disease and illness. Nostradamus conveys his understanding that all disease is caused by emotions, thoughts and feelings. "Repressed feelings and emotions, unfulfilled longings and desires, all affect the physical operation of our bodies," and prolonged periods thinking and feeling these thoughts manifest in the form of disease in the body. A variety of different healing modalities, including thought, herbs and various concoctions are discussed as well. Other topics covered in Volume 3 include the break-up of the Soviet Union into various independent states, more information about the Pope and the Anti-Christ, an unlikely section on the Live Aid concerts and other rock concerts (written about because of their tremendous ability affect politics, war and therefore the direction of history), hidden information of great importance to mankind buried somewhere in the desert in The Middle East, the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster and visitations by Extra-Terrestrials races. To conclude, the last chapter of Volume 3 provides comforting reassurance from Nostradamus that nothing is final and that humanity has the ability to change the dire predictions foretold by him. It is simply a choice.

The final book in this series completed the interpretation of all of Nostradamus' known prophesies by Dolores' and concluded a fascinated period in both her life and career. It also signified a change in the direction where she could focus on newer, more challenging information of which there was a lot more (and still is) to come.

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Dolores' insight into Conversation with Nostradamus

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