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Conversation with Nostradamus Volume One

Conversation with Nostradamus Volume One

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In the early 1980's, Dolores regressed a client to a life where they described being a student of French apothecary and prophet Michel De Nostradame, more commonly known as Nostradamus. Midway through the session, to her amazement, her client's personality subsided and Dolores was contacted by Nostradamus himself with a very important message: he wanted Dolores to write a book to provide humanity with greater understanding and clarity of the true meanings of his quatrains.

One of the fascinating features of Dolores' dialogue with Nostradamus was that he spoke with her directly from his time as he lived in the 16th century to hers as she lived in the 20th century. It was not his spirit communicating from the spirit side, rather Nostradamus himself communicating as he was living his life in France. He explains that as a result of the Spanish Inquisition, he was forced to disguise his messages so that they were not destroyed and so they could be deciphered later in time. As a result of how the French language has evolved, modern-day interpreters have unintentionally misrepresented many of their true meanings.

Volume 1 of this series illustrates how Nostradamus wished to warn humanity of the extremely difficult times we are now approaching. He stressed that nothing was final, that consciousness dictates experience and that simply understanding his warnings were enough take us to a different path and avert the worst scenarios he foresaw as mere possibilities. Throughout the book, you learn that Nostradamus was quite a character - he often scolds Dolores for what he called her "poor education" and lack of knowledge of classical literature. It becomes clear that many of his predictions about present-day events have come true once they are understood in their correct context. The 136 quatrains contained in this book cover: super computers, the internet, coming Earth changes, strange weather patterns, the Middle East, world government, politics, 2012 and much more.

There is an immense amount of knowledge and understanding to be gained in this book on Nostradamus and what his messages were truly intended to achieve. Rather than to spread fear, his messages are intended to help us truly understand our abilities to create a future we all want by simply focusing on it and living it.

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