2805, 2016

Dolores Cannon’s Metaphysical Discoveries

By |May 28, 2016|Metaphysics|5 Comments

My mother Dolores Cannon, groundbreaking author and creator of her unique Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), became one of the foremost experts in the field […]

1805, 2013

Consciousness: The Human Stage

By |May 18, 2013|Evolution of Consciousness|4 Comments

It takes a long time for consciousness to reach the human stage of development. Nothing valuable is ever learned easily or instantly. It has to […]

1605, 2013

Consciousness: The Realm of Nature

By |May 16, 2013|Evolution of Consciousness|4 Comments

Once the soul evolves beyond the realm of the elements, it moves into the realm of nature. There are valuable lessons to be learned in […]

512, 2012

What is Hypnosis?

By |December 5, 2012|Hypnosis|22 Comments

After performing thousands of hypnosis sessions, one answer that comes to mind when considering the question what is hypnosis: it is a vehicle for exploration […]

611, 2012

Hypnosis: A Higher Calling

By |November 6, 2012|Hypnosis|6 Comments


Over the many years that I have practiced and spoken about hypnosis, my students and the readers of my books have asked me not only […]