1109, 2015

Dolores Cannon’s Convoluted Universe: Book Five and Beyond

By |September 11, 2015|Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy Online Course, Past Life Regression|13 Comments

Dolores Cannon was always working on many books at once. In addition to the newly released Convoluted Universe: Book Five, there are a few more […]

2210, 2014

Dolores Cannon: A Brilliant Light Shines On

By |October 22, 2014|Dolores Cannon|55 Comments

Veteran investigator and researcher of lost civilizations, sacred knowledge, extraterrestrials, other dimensions, the life of Jesus, as well as the origins of creation itself; all […]

1810, 2013

Emotions: The Language of Your Body

By |October 18, 2013|Emotions|8 Comments

First of all, I want to tell you it’s all right to feel any emotion. How else are you going to know what you’re trying […]

512, 2012

What is Hypnosis?

By |December 5, 2012|Hypnosis|22 Comments

After performing thousands of hypnosis sessions, one answer that comes to mind when considering the question what is hypnosis: it is a vehicle for exploration […]

2811, 2012

Hypnosis for Life

By |November 28, 2012|Hypnosis|7 Comments

When I use hypnosis for communication with the subconscious mind of one of my subjects, it always amazes me because it becomes obvious that I […]

611, 2012

Hypnosis: A Higher Calling

By |November 6, 2012|Hypnosis|6 Comments


Over the many years that I have practiced and spoken about hypnosis, my students and the readers of my books have asked me not only […]