712, 2015

Five Star Reviews on Amazon for Dolores Cannon’s “Convoluted Universe: Book Five”

By |December 7, 2015|Dolores Cannon, Higher Consciousness, Hypnosis, New Earth, Past Life Regression, Past Life Therapy, Past Lives, QHHT, Reincarnation|1 Comment

Rave reviews continue to post on Amazon.com for Dolores Cannon’s “Convoluted Universe: Book Five!”

Please let us know if you’ve read Dolores Cannon’s new book and […]

506, 2015

Dolores Cannon on Past Lives

By |June 5, 2015|Past Lives|1 Comment

Over the course of several decades starting in the late 1960’s, Dolores Cannon developed her unique method of hypnosis called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) […]

1401, 2015

Extraterrestrials: The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge

By |January 14, 2015|Alien, Aliens, Dolores Cannon, Past Life Regression, Past Lives, QHHT, Time Travel, UFO|5 Comments

In her fascinating book The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge, Dolores Cannon explained why Extraterrestrials no longer live among us or openly visit mankind: “In […]

1501, 2013

Past Life Therapy: An Appreciation for the Subject

By |January 15, 2013|Past Life Therapy, Past Lives|12 Comments

Early in my career when I began conducting past life therapy sessions on my own, one of the most challenging things I faced was finding […]

701, 2013

Reincarnation and the Search for Knowledge

By |January 7, 2013|Past Lives, Reincarnation|6 Comments

One of the main reasons I was attracted to hypnosis and past life regression in the first place is my love of history, ancient civilizations […]