3108, 2015

Dolores Cannon on Jesus, Religion and Spirituality

By |August 31, 2015|Dolores Cannon, Jesus, Jesus Messsiah, Reincarnation, Time Travel|9 Comments

Many people wonder what Dolores Cannon’s religious and spiritual beliefs were. She raised me and her other children as Christians, and Dolores even sang in […]

2903, 2013

Jesus: Reincarnation and the Resurrection

By |March 29, 2013|Jesus|15 Comments

Speaking to someone alive at the time of Jesus, a man named Suddi who was a great teacher in his own right, was an amazing […]

2703, 2013

Jesus: His Ministries and Miracles

By |March 27, 2013|Jesus|2 Comments

During the year that I worked with my young subject Katie, who relived her previous life as an Essene master named Suddi, much information came […]