2804, 2017

Learn Dolores Cannon’s QHHT Level 1 Course Online or Join Us In Person June 1-6 In Eureka Springs, Arkansas for the Only Live QHHT Level 1 Course This Year!

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Dolores Cannon, renowned author, past life regressionist and researcher of lost knowledge, developed her unique Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique known as QHHT for healing and […]

712, 2015

Five Star Reviews on Amazon for Dolores Cannon’s “Convoluted Universe: Book Five”

By |December 7, 2015|Dolores Cannon, Higher Consciousness, Hypnosis, New Earth, Past Life Regression, Past Life Therapy, Past Lives, QHHT, Reincarnation|1 Comment

Rave reviews continue to post on Amazon.com for Dolores Cannon’s “Convoluted Universe: Book Five!”

Please let us know if you’ve read Dolores Cannon’s new book and […]

3108, 2015

Dolores Cannon on Jesus, Religion and Spirituality

By |August 31, 2015|Dolores Cannon, Jesus, Jesus Messsiah, Reincarnation, Time Travel|9 Comments

Many people wonder what Dolores Cannon’s religious and spiritual beliefs were. She raised me and her other children as Christians, and Dolores even sang in […]

104, 2015

Dolores Cannon and the Ozark Mountain UFO Conference

By |April 1, 2015|Alien, Aliens, Atlantis, Dolores Cannon, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy, New Earth, Time Travel, UFO|2 Comments

Dolores Cannon began to delve into past life regression by using her unique method of hypnosis she developed over many years now known as Quantum […]

1702, 2015

Dolores Cannon: Gratitude and Thanks

By |February 17, 2015|Dolores Cannon, Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, QHHT|13 Comments

Since my mother and mentor Dolores Cannon transitioned from this world to the next, so many of you have sent messages of gratitude and thanks […]

1401, 2015

Extraterrestrials: The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge

By |January 14, 2015|Alien, Aliens, Dolores Cannon, Past Life Regression, Past Lives, QHHT, Time Travel, UFO|5 Comments

In her fascinating book The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge, Dolores Cannon explained why Extraterrestrials no longer live among us or openly visit mankind: “In […]

2712, 2014

The Story Behind The Search for Hidden Sacred Knowledge

By |December 27, 2014|Dolores Cannon|18 Comments

Shortly after Mom finished this book, she passed from this world and into the next.

These past few years not only was she diligently working on […]

2210, 2014

Dolores Cannon: A Brilliant Light Shines On

By |October 22, 2014|Dolores Cannon|55 Comments

Veteran investigator and researcher of lost civilizations, sacred knowledge, extraterrestrials, other dimensions, the life of Jesus, as well as the origins of creation itself; all […]